Civil Celebrancy for Funeral Ceremonies

Creating a truly personal funeral ceremony, to capture the essence of the person and tell the story of the life that has been lived.

Welcome to the website of Clarity Civil Ceremonies, led by David Clark, a qualified Civil Funeral Celebrant and member of the Institute of Civil Funerals.


''A Civil Funeral is a funeral driven by the wishes, beliefs and values of the deceased and their family, not by the beliefs or ideology of the person conducting the funeral. It sits between a religious service and a humanist funeral.''

The Institute of Civil Funerals


On this website, we aim to to inform you about funeral ceremonies and the ways in which a civil funeral ceremony can be organised and conducted. Please feel free to contact David Clark by email at info@claritycivilceremonies.com or telephone on 01524 68080 for further information, or indeed to arrange for a call or meeting with David to discuss your requirements for a funeral ceremony.