Funeral Ceremonies and Civil Funerals

Civil Celebrancy for Funeral Ceremonies



Dealing with the death of a loved one is naturally, a difficult and distressing time. A time when you generally look to rely on professional, caring support, not only to arrange and conduct the funeral, but also to lead the ceremony or service.


The normal approach to organising a funeral is to engage a firm of Funeral Directors to arrange and conduct the funeral. If you have started making the arrangements with them, it is likely that there will have been some discussion of your wishes for the funeral ceremony itself.


Traditionally, a funeral ceremony whether burial or cremation, would have been led by a religious minister but increasingly, families may feel that they do not want a full religious service, or recognise that the person did not have any strong religious views, or hold any particular religious commitment. Indeed a family may want a fully secular (non-religious) ceremony.


A popular alternative is to hold a civil funeral ceremony that focuses on the wishes of the family and the life that has been lived, and to have that ceremony led by a Funeral Celebrant. A civil funeral ceremony can still contain religious elements such as hymns or prayers if requested, but it is about families having meaningful and personal choices as to the content of the ceremony.As a Funeral Celebrant, my role is to advise, guide and support you on those choices; and to create a truly personal funeral ceremony that captures the essence of the person and tells the story of the life that has been lived.


Where you have instructed the Funeral Director to request me to lead the funeral ceremony or if you are uncertain of how you wish to proceed, and would prefer to meet with me before you decide, I will contact you to arrange a meeting, or you may contact me directly. I am happy to meet at your home, my office or you may wish to meet somewhere else of your choice.


We will discuss the ceremony fully. You may have your own views of the kind of ceremony you want and the first thing to be assured of, is that I will respect your wishes and be sensitive to your requirements. I am there to advise, guide and support you. We will talk about what to include in the ceremony such as music, poetry, readings, any religious content and of course, a fitting tribute. We will discuss any direct involvement that people may wish to have in the ceremony itself.


My approach to a funeral ceremony is to ensure that it is dignified and respectful. However, I also like to think that, if appropriate, the ceremony will be some celebration of the life that has been led; that recognises what that person has meant to those people who were closest to them and to those who will be attending the funeral to pay their respects.


You will be able to check the ceremony content beforehand and I will offer you a full text of the ceremony that you can keep.